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Admission to Practice

Admission to Practice
Attorneys admitted to the bar of the District of Kansas (including those admitted pro hac vice and attorneys authorized to represent the United States) are eligible to practice in the U.S. District Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Kansas. Rules governing the admission of attorneys and bar discipline can be found in Part XII of the Rules of Practice and Procedures for District and Bankruptcy Court.

See D. Kan. Rule 83.5.2

Members who are active and in good standing with the bar(s) of State of Kansas or the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri are eligible for admission to the U.S. District Court of Kansas. Admission requests and fees are processed through PACER using the attorney's individual PACER account.   

To request admission to practice in the US District Court for the District of Kansas:

  1. Obtain a sponsoring attorney who is active and in good standing with our court.  The sponsor's full name and Kansas bar number must be submitted with the request.   
  2. Pay the admission fee of $199.00 online via debit or credit card during the admission request process.   
  3. Select Register for an Account
    Select Attorney Filers for CM/ECF from the drop down list
    Go to PACER to register for a PACER account, request admission to practice, and register for E-Filing privileges
    If you do not yet have a PACER account: 
    Follow instructions to Register for PACER Account  
  4. After you register for a PACER account, you may request admission to practice, and you may register for E-Filing privileges. 
    In  PACER Log in to Manage My Account  
    Follow instructions to complete the Attorney Admissions  and E-File Registration processes for admission to practice and electronically file in U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas, a NextGen CM/ECF court.   
  5.  You may register for a PACER account, request Attorney Admissions and Register for E-Filing privileges at one time, or you may complete each process at separate times.  You must register for a PACER account first.


Joint Admission Ceremony

Attorneys who pass the State of Kansas bar exam can be admitted to federal court simultaneously with the state at the Joint Admission Ceremony held each April and September in Topeka.

Attorney Registration Coordinator