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Jury Qualification Postcards Mailed to Potential Jurors

Monday, April 10, 2023

If you recently received a postcard from the United States District Court for the District of Kansas, do not throw it away. It is not a scam. Over the next month, 64,000 Kansans will receive a postcard requesting that they complete a juror qualification questionnaire. Collecting this information is the first step of a process undertaken every two years to develop a pool of qualified jurors who could be called for federal jury service. The postcard directs recipients to to answer a short series of questions and provides the phone number 866-740-7535 to call with any questions or concerns.

The only personally identifiable information the court requests from you is a participant number, which is provided on the court's mailing you received, and your date of birth. The court will not ask for your Social Security number, credit card or bank account information, or any other sensitive information.

If you are uncomfortable providing information electronically through the secure website, or you do not have access to a computer, it is not necessary to contact the court. Those who do not respond online via eJUROR, will automatically receive a jury questionnaire form in the mail. If you are still concerned about the legitimacy of any information being requested of you, please contact the jury department at or 866-740-7535.