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IT IS ORDERED that the schedule of collateral appended to this order is approved and established. This order and the attached schedule of collateral shall constitute the “standing order” discussed in D. Kan. Rule CR58.1(a). A person charged with the commission of any of the offenses listed on the attached schedule is permitted to pay a fixed sum in lieu of appearance before a judge or a magistrate judge. Such a payment shall be considered tantamount to the entry of a plea of guilty. The Court has determined that the offenses listed on the attached schedule constitute petty offenses “for which no sentence of imprisonment will be imposed” within the meaning of Fed. R. Crim. P. 58(a)(2). The fixed sums on the attached schedule do not exceed the maximum fines allowed by law. This schedule shall supersede all previous schedules relating to the listed offenses committed on military installations within the State of Kansas. The Clerk of Court is directed to make this schedule available for public inspection at the courthouses in the District of Kansas and electronically on the Court’s website.

SO ORDERED this 16th day of January, 2016.

s/J. Thomas Marten
J. Thomas Marten
Chief Judge

Attached Schedule of Collateral (