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(a) Access. The public records of the court are available for examination in the office of the clerk during normal business hours. Access to electronically-filed documents is available as set forth in D. Kan. Rule 5.4.12.

(b) Copies. The clerk will make and furnish copies of official public court records upon request and payment of prescribed fees.

(c) Sealed or I mpounded Records. Records or exhibits ordered sealed or impounded by the court are not public records within the meaning of this rule.

(d) Search for Cases by the Clerk. The office of the clerk of this court may make a search of the most recent 10 years of the master index maintained in the office and issue a certificate of such search. The clerk charges a fee of $26 for each name for which a search is conducted, payable in advance.

* * *

As amended 3/05, 3/04, 6/01, 6/13/88.