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Fort Riley Courtroom Dedicated to U.S. Magistrate Judge John Thomas Reid

Posted: Monday, January 23, 2012

On Tuesday, January 24 a courtroom in Clausen Hall at Fort Riley will be dedicated to the late United States Magistrate Judge  John Thomas Reid.  Appointed in 1984, Judge Reid retired from active service in 1999 but remained on the federal bench as a recalled magistrate judge until his death on November 16, 2008.   The courtroom plaque will read:

United States Magistrate Judge
Appointed October 31, 1984
Died November 16, 2008

This courtroom is dedicated in honor of the extraordinary public service of the Honorable John Thomas Reid, with the sincere appreciation of his colleagues and friends, including the Judges of the District of Kansas, the Staff Judge Advocate Office at Ft. Riley, Kansas, and the members of the criminal defense bar practicing at Ft. Riley.

The dedication of this courtroom honors Judge Reid's unwavering commitment to the fair administration of criminal justice and his distinguished duty to Ft. Riley for 17 years in the management of the criminal cases during his service. He earned the respect of the legal community, the affection of his colleagues, and a reputation for fairness, compassion, wit, intelligence and patience.