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Court Committees

Bench-Bar Committee

The Bench-Bar Committee has general advisory and liaison roles with respect to the operation of the court , among other things: (1) Provides a forum for the continuous study of the operating procedures of the court; (2) serves as liaison among the court, its bar and the public; (3) studies considers and recommends the adoption, amendment or rescission of the Rules of Practice of the court; (4) studies and promote a continuing legal education program; and (5) provides reports and recommendations as directed by the court. See D. Kan. Rule 77.6

  • Chief Judge Julie A. Robinson, Ex Officio
  • Judge Eric F. Melgren, Chair
  • Judge Daniel D. Crabtree
  • Chief Magistrate Judge James P. O'Hara
  • Magistrate Judge Teresa J. James
  • Chief Judge Janice Miller Karlin
  • Tom Beall
  • Melody Brannon
  • Charles Branson
  • Scott A. Wissel
  • Jeff C. Spahn, Jr.
  • Shazzie Naseem
  • Jeffrey A. Chanay
  • Tara Eberline
  • Diane H. Sorensen
  • Blake A. Shuart
  • Ryan C. Hudson
  • Larkin Walsh

Disciplinary Panel

The Disciplinary Panel has general supervision over all proceedings involving the disbarment, suspension, censure or other discipline of lawyers practicing in this court or the alleged physical or mental disability of lawyers. See D. Kan. Rule 83.6.2

  • Judge Sam A. Crow, Chair
  • Judge John W. Lungstrum
  • Judge J. Thomas Marten

CJA Panel Selection Committee

The CJA Panel Selection Committee considers applications for membership on the CJA Panel, and approves for membership those attorneys who appear best qualified, and inquires as to the continued availability and willingness of each CJA Panel member to accept appointment. See D. Kan. Rule CR44.1

  • Judge Carlos Murguia
  • Chief Magistrate Judge James P. O'Hara, Chair
  • Magistrate Judge Teresa J. James
  • Melody Brannon
  • Jackie Rokusek
  • Judge Daniel D. Crabtree
  • Magistrate Judge K. Gary Sebelius, Chair
  • Melody Brannon
  • Mark Bennett, Jr.
  • Judge Eric F. Melgren
  • Magistrate Judge Kenneth G. Gale
  • Magistrate Judge Gwynne E. Birzer
  • Melody Brannon
  • Jeff Griffith
  • Chief Magistrate Judge James P. O'Hara, Chair
  • Magistrate Judge Teresa J. James
  • Tim Burdick
  • Michael Kelly
  • Magistrate Judge Kenneth G. Gale, Chair
  • Magistrate Judge Gwynne E. Birzer
  • Kirk Redmond
  • John Purvis